This is a project I fell in love with from the very moment I heard about it. Yoga for kids? How lovely!

A friend of Dewi made the drawings and I put everything together in a simple and playful design. A little different than the rest of my work, which made it very fun to make. And it’s a small contribution to a better world. A delight all the way ūüôā

*The logo was drawn by someone else, I digitalised it

I had worked already with Aileen on the Mindful Birthing website, that she has together with Marjorie. I guess she was happy with my work, because afterwards she trusted me with her personal website as well ūüôā

Aileen is starting a new journey as someone who supports women (particularly women that are becoming mothers), using all her skills as a psychologist, massage therapist and mindfulness teacher.

I very much enjoyed working on this project together with her, creating the website and the logo, making the core concept of her work, Inner Source, come to life. Thanks for your trust, Aileen!


Valentina is a doula Рher work is dedicated to supporting and facilitating the process of new life. 

She was very clear from the beginning on what she liked and she was very confident that I could make it. I remember her saying ‘I like everything you do, your style is my style’. Ah, high expectations! I did my best and she was happy with the result ūüôā¬†

I very much enjoyed connecting to the symbols that were important for her, the colours that she felt most connected to, the warmth and wisdom of her work. 

Valentina also trusted me to create her logo. I feel really honoured to get to create this for her. Have a look! 


Leni teaches mindfulness, and she wanted a simple website that elegantly conveyed the essence of her work. 

The first design I thought of was a lot more colourful, but Leni then felt like she actually wanted it to be black and white, with just a bit of colour here and there. 

We went back and forth, creating this together, adjusting every detail until it was ready to be shown to the world. 

When I wrote the texts for the homepage of, I said that I wanted to use my skills to support my clients the valuable work they do offline. This is exactly that. I’m looking at the big picture and I’m so glad to contribute to the world becoming more mindful and loving – een wereld waar we ont-moeten om te ontmoeten. Have a look!¬†

Mindful birthing

Aileen and Marjorie are pioneers in Mindful Birthing in the Netherlands. They are both mindfulness trainers and they are both passionate about supporting women on their journey of becoming mothers. 

Together, they are offering the mindfulness-based childbirth and parenting program (MBCP) Рwhich supports couples in dealing with the changes and challenges that pregnancy and childbirth bring. They wanted a logo and website that reflected the nature of their work: pure, intimate, soft, warm, harmonious, nourishing, brave and empowering. I will leave modesty aside and acknowledge that they were more than happy with the result. 

It was a pleasure and an honour to support them in birthing this project.  

Studio Fais

Faisal decided to follow his passion and creativity and started a business next to his office day-job, where he gets to work with recycled materials and find and apply creative solutions to all sorts of practical problems. He wanted a very simple, straightforward website to show his work.

On our first meeting we also discussed about his vision, I helped him to crystalise the essence of what he set out to do and advised him on how to best communicate it. Then I made it happen and we were both very happy with the result and with the process. Another happy client, yay! ūüôā

Chaos to love

Nina and D are a young couple who wanted a blog together to write and share about their different views on parenting and (family) life in general. They’ve had very specific wishes which sometimes challenged me from a technical point of view, only to make the end result even more rewarding. I personally love how it turned out! The theme that I chose also helped a lot – a very modern theme that perfectly conveys their modern lives.

Thanks for trusting me with this project, guys! I super loved it.

Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching

Mirjam was inspired by¬†and said she also wanted a simple, clean, minimalistic website that would present her work. The challenge for me were a few¬†particularities that were technically challenging. For example, Mirjam wanted the website in English and Dutch. I initially used a plugin that automatically placed the flags on the right side of the menu. However, Mirjam wanted them to be on the left side. Figuring out how to sort this out so that the website is EXACTLY as she wants it turned out to give me a lot of satisfaction. ūüôā¬†Have a look here.

the well travelled kitchen

Jennifer from The Well Travelled Kitchen¬†wanted a simple grid website where she could show off her wonderful cooking experiments and adventures. She had already had a Facebook page but had gotten feedback from friends and it was difficult to find recipes back in time. A website was a more structured way to share all this culinary goodness. Have a look! ūüôā

experience mindfulness

Experience Mindfulness

It’s been lovely to put together¬†the Experience Mindfulness¬†website – Marjorie wanted painted details and a warm feeling. It’s the first time I went so far in the exploration of ¬†working with watercolour and Photoshop together, and I am so excited about the result. It turned out to be a beautiful website that communicates perfectly the beauty of Marjorie’s work, mindfulness trainings.¬†


Wilson’s Workouts

Lorna, from Wilson’s Workouts, wanted a modern looking website which expressed, confirmed and enforced the new¬†vision and strategy of her business. The website reflects her professional attitude, portraying her activities both through text and pictures. The blog adds a dynamic quality, offering readers more information and keeping them up to date with Wilson’s Workouts’ activities.



Natalie from PhysioMatters had recently moved to Amsterdam from the UK. One of her first steps in starting her business here was her new website. We chose a simple design on a white background, which seemed appropriate given that her work is therapeutic. 

We chose a theme from Elegant Themes which serves its purpose gracefully. 

bw copy

Being Whole

Lucy wanted a beautiful website which expressed online the richness of her work, making it more accessible to people.
All the pictures we used on the website are either shot or painted by her, which makes it unique, personal a beautiful extension of her personality.

4 james priest

James Priest

My friend James needed a simple website with a few words about his work, his contact details and a blog where he could publish some of his ideas. We found a beautiful theme called Hemingway, which we both liked very much. I particularly love the turquoise that links get colored in.