Welcome to Neot Semadar

I took a train for one stop and walked 400 meters to the bus station. The bus station? A six story building, a labyrinth of shops. I asked where to find the busses and was told they were on the sixth floor. On the sixth floor it was also anything but straightforward. I wondered around a bit before finding the platforms and then another while before finding the ticket booth. I finally bought a ticket and then had to wait an hour and a half until the next bus. I sat down and observed the people around. Something in the general atmosphere reminded me of Romania. What was very new and strange for me were the many young soldiers, young girls and boys around 20 years old who were walking around with their big bags and (some of them) big weapons.

After getting on the bus, I couldn’t help but falling asleep. The trip was exhausting and the interview (read previous post for more details) for sure added extra stress to my system. I really wanted to see the view but I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I slept until the first rest-point. When I woke up, for a moment I thought I was in an airplane that was landing. Then I remembered where I was and where I was going.

The rest of the way I stared out the window. Beautiful views of mountainous desert, the kind I’d never seen before. At one point I realised there was wi-fi on the bus – I must say I was quite impressed.

I got off the bus at a junction and was picked up from there by someone from the kibbuts, finally arriving in Neot Semadar around 5pm, roughly 29 hours after leaving Amsterdam.

I had a quick check in filling in some forms and hearing some quick safety rules and then I went with Aluma to her house. Aluma invited me to live with her, so now we’re sharing her beautiful house – I feel super grateful.

soaking up the sun
the wonderful outdoor livingroom
our front door
the kitchen
my room 🙂


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