Laura is a thirty something freelancer who lives and works in Amsterdam.

Communicative, artsy and passionate about beautiful things.



I’ve always been comfortable around computers and technology and I taught myself to build websites. In 2010 I took a course in editorial design, which set the foundation of my design skills and knowledge.

My development with web design and social media has been organic and I only work with people I resonate with and projects I believe in.

I’m happy and honoured to be able to use my online skills and tools for promoting and supporting the valuable off-line work my clients do.

My biggest passion is learning and exploring how we function as human beings and what it is we need in order to thrive.


I’m currently training to be a Voice Dialogue facilitator and I’m learning and practicing Non Violent Communication, which has changed my life.




In whatever free time I’ve got, I like to cycle around Amsterdam, take pictures, dance, read, watch documentaries and learn new languages.